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CelereTech's IT consulting and managed services are helping businesses unlock and exploit new tech capabilities and shape a winning IT strategy.

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CelereTech Testimonials.

Melissa Miller

Evans Construction

“We have been using CelereTech for over 7 years and have no complaints. We get hands on tech support with same day turn around to resolve our IT issues quickly and get our company back up and running.”

CelereTech Testimonials.

JR Morser

JR Morser & Associates

"If there is one thing an accounting office needs is working, reliable computer systems. CelereTech has been providing just that for over 30 years.”

CelereTech Testimonials.

Mike Holtorf

Emmerman Group

"Since 1996 Jim and his company have provided excellent support for all of our IT systems, including our servers, desktops and several phone systems.”

IT consulting services for a winning advantage

Not sure how to get the most out of your IT systems and reduce the complexity of the networks?

Wondering how to ensure innovation and technology that supports your business processes and diminishes risks?

Faced with decisions to cut corners with your tech solutions?

Then harness the power of our consulting services and make smarter technology decisions, significantly increase ROI, drive competitive advantage, and grow your business.

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Managed IT Services - IT Experts.
Managed IT Services - we manage and help business.

IT consulting services that generate business ROI

We help companies in Schaumburg IL realize their visions with enterprise-class technology advisors. Team up with our top-tier IT experts and take your business to the next level.


Explore our IT consulting services

Implementation plan

CelereTech's IT services experts will create a plan for deploying the finest IT solutions to empower employees in the workplace.

IT infrastructure & procurement management

Complex IT needs of your enterprise don't need to be a nightmare. Let CelereTech's IT services take care of your IT infrastructure procurement. Benefit from our acquaintances and get the best possible prices for new technology.

IT updates

From safe deployments over firewall protection to teeny-tiny IT solutions, CelereTech's engineers can upgrade any IT network, component, and software. Let us help you reach new heights with an IT system that runs at its best and prevents data loss.

BDR planning and processes

Find complete peace of mind with our backups and disaster recovery plans and solutions that help you cope with the worst-case scenario. With regular full backups, disaster tests, and the right solutions, you can completely eliminate risks and increase productivity.

Cloud services

Our cloud services can help you overcome business challenges. The future is the cloud, and your organization can benefit. CelereTech can implement cloud services that maximize system stability and reduce current costs of your IT infrastructure.

Software solutions

Software consulting services to help you implement the cardinal software improvements that are the compass on your road map to growth and success. Get a more efficient workforce with our specially designed software solutions for your unique business needs.

Networking and security

We have the world's finest tech experts who provide advice, strategies, and solutions that can strengthen your network and close security gaps. Whether you need network access control, firewall protection, a next-gen antivirus, or a VPN, let's (net)work together!

Web services

Your website is actually the virtual front door to your company. It's an online business card that can make or break your business. CelereTech works with you from website inception to publishing, making sure it runs without problems and is appealing to your customers.


Path to business success

CelereTech's team follows a proven 5-step IT consultancy process to make sure each and every Chicago business is provided with all the vital information, support, and help they need.

Harness our IT strategy consulting across vital business domains to refine customer service, automate workflows, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

#1 Scrutinize down to the smallest details

Before we start working on any project, we take the time to completely understand your business vision, budget, and the desired outcome you have been thinking about.

#2 Build a road map

Only once we have all the information we need, CelereTech's IT experts will work on developing a technology road map and action plan to achieve your goals. With our transparent and effective communication, you can rest assured that you have flexibility in the consultancy process.

#3 Design that reflects clients' needs

This is the step where we bring together all of the outputs we found in our in-depth analysis, business analytics, and strategic planning process.

#4 Deliver and blow clients away

Once we have everything we need, we will start working on bringing your road map to life, taking you one step closer to realizing your business vision and goals.

#5 Manage and keep clients happy

Whether you want to outsource one small fraction of your IT or need all-year-round top-level IT support or day-to-day management, CelereTech will always be on hand to help, trying to make future-oriented improvements.


How can our managed services help?

CelereTech's consulting services focus on the client's vital IT problems to help them ride opportunity waves. We capture value across boundaries and between organization silos, helping business owners accomplish their goals with minimal investments.

Get rid of technical challenges

Eliminate technical challenges obstructing the company's work rate and growth.

Stop making terrible technology decisions

Stop throwing money on tech solutions that are not tailored to your company's unique needs.

Gain a competitive edge with a technology strategy

Gain an IT strategy and a road map in charge of fueling your business growth.

Rely on the right IT partnership

Rely on the best of the best IT consulting companies for your business success.

Managed IT Services - we manage and help business.

Your business deserves the best advice and experts in the IT industry

CelereTech is providing services that align your limited IT resources and company goals. We have the education and skills to develop IT solutions that will skyrocket the efficiency of your IT department.

CelereTech gets into the ins and outs of your company to inspect and identify weaknesses. By analyzing your current systems and processes, we will help you maximize business value, ensuring advanced risk management and business continuity.

Discuss your business’s IT needs
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Managed IT Services - we manage and help business.

IT consulting and adjustments that follow the changes in the structure of your business

CelereTech is providing services that carefully plan all changes within your system to ensure technology always supports business goals and changes in your business structure.

We also pay special attention to IT parts which often fall out of focus in dynamic business events, including company separations and mergers.

Discuss your business’s IT needs
Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports

In tune with your business strategy

Our consultants for the IT expert system in Schaumburg take time to understand your business and goals before building and proposing the right IT solution that fits seamlessly with your business goals and culture.

Scoping the problems

Our top IT engineers conduct in-depth employee interviews to learn more about the IT challenges they have been facing in order to plan the appropriate strategy for your business.

Business analytics

We utilize a proven, structured approach through each stage of our project. We know how to take the pressure off business owners through managing quality, costs, risk, progress, and adherence to timescales.

Business and technical mastery

Our consulting company has unmatched commercial and technical skills and is ready to share them with you and your organization. 

Future proof your SME

Our project management professionals will work with you step by step and hand in hand to identify technology weak areas that we can prepare for future improvements. 

Optimize for a favorable outcome

We know how to put technology to work for your business. Our custom-tailored solutions align with your business goals and support your growth.

Quality computer training

Support and increase the independence and self-sufficiency of employees who find it difficult to handle ever-changing computer technology. Get quality computer training from our IT organization and help your employees keep up with current trends.


Tech that drives growth

Our IT consultants will integrate the most appropriate IT solutions into your company to create an IT infrastructure that serves your business as a whole. Don't let your IT just sit as a standalone department.

Managed IT Services - Free IT Consultancy.

Keep up with digitalization trends


Digital transformation consulting

CelereTech offers full-cycle IT consulting services to help companies cope with the most daunting business challenges.

From recovering software projects over upgrading companies' legacy systems to modernizing IT strategies, CelereTech has got you covered all the way!

Managed IT Services - Advice for your business.

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