Cloud data backup and disaster recovery to weather the storm

Protect the lifeblood of your business with our backup, retention, and retrieval solutions. We have the tools that you need to survive a cyber breach or a sudden disaster.

Discover your data backup plan
The Best Recovery Point Objective
CelereTech Testimonials.

Melissa Miller

Evans Construction

“We have been using CelereTech for over 7 years and have no complaints. We get hands on tech support with same day turn around to resolve our IT issues quickly and get our company back up and running.”

CelereTech Testimonials.

JR Morser

JR Morser & Associates

"If there is one thing an accounting office needs is working, reliable computer systems. CelereTech has been providing just that for over 30 years.”

CelereTech Testimonials.

Mike Holtorf

Emmerman Group

"Since 1996 Jim and his company have provided excellent support for all of our IT systems, including our servers, desktops and several phone systems.”

Retrieve Your Lost Data With Our Backup Data Services

An all-in-one disaster recovery solution

Not all clouds and disaster recovery solutions are created equal. Our backup solution ensures maximum protection, accessibility, and reliability.

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports
Protect against ransomware attacks
Strengthened security posture
Instant restores available
Data held off-site

Dedicated cloud data backup & disaster recovery

With our time-tested solutions for your business, you can rest assured that everything you do is worth it!

Cloud data backup solutions

CelereTech helps companies in Schaumburg to prevent any data loss during a disaster. We can do data backups daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and store your business-vital files in an offsite data storage platform, allowing you to recover your data right after a disaster.

What data needs to be backed up and how often you need to do it depends on your business needs. That's why we take our time to learn more about your company.

Data disaster recovery plans

Just as every company has a fire safety plan, they should also have a disaster recovery plan. This is where CelereTech comes into play. We will teach your employees their roles and responsibilities when the worst-case scenario happens.

This way, you can avoid panic, minimize losses, and get your business on its feet as soon as possible. The process of finding the best disaster data recovery solution encompasses auditing your business's essential aspects to find potential for efficiency improvements and uncover vulnerabilities.

The Shortest Recovery Time Objective

Immediate recovery with one hundred percent recovery confidence

We will ensure your vital data are ready and available whenever you need them.

On-demand access to files featuring failover options. Maximize data retention with verified recoverability.

Prioritized restoration and recovery of vital elements that minimize downtime.

Highly secure by default customizations, configurations, and features. Everything is completely encrypted.

Easy to use
Restore all your files in one single click - all you need is a stable internet connection.

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports

Features of our disaster recovery plan

We go the extra mile to ensure your backups are instantly available, protected, and verified at multiple levels.

Flexible pricing & licensing

Only choose what your business truly needs and take advantage of our steep cumulative discount curve.

Military-grade encryption

Our sophisticated platform adheres to the strictest compliance regulations.

24x7x365 technical support

Our disaster recovery and data backup experts will do whatever it takes to keep your business running smoothly.


Intelligent deduplication of your data and files that removes repeating files or data sets from your storage, maximizing its efficiency and space.

Choose your storage

We support the most popular cloud storage providers, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and more.


Read-to-go solutions. Stop thinking about what if and get your files back from any location and quickly.

Plenty Of Storage Space For Your Needs

Simplify cloud backup and disaster recovery

Set up your cloud backup services for employees working from home and remote branches.

Worry free
Fully managed and monitored services that perform regular recovery tests.

Available for the vast majority of systems.

Without ribbons
Eliminates hidden "teeny-tiny" costs associated with transporting, storing, and recovering files.

Your data are stored in safe and insured platforms, so you have nothing to worry about.

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports

Ready for data resiliency?

Let's find a smarter and more secure way to run your business.

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