Trusted technology support for Algonquin and Greater Chicago.

Making sure your phone systems and computer networks are up-to-date, secure and efficient is a job that’s best left to professionals. But most small to mid-sized companies can’t afford a full time IT staff. That’s why so many smart business owners are outsourcing their IT work.

For companies in the Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago (centered around our home town of Algonquin) as well as the entire Greater Chicago Area, that means turning to Celeretech.

We’ll keep you secure.

One major anti-virus company reports 69 new malware programs (virus programs) are appearing on the internet every minute. You need a lot more that just anti-virus software to protect yourself. You need a proper firewall. You need an up-to-date operating system with the latest patches installed. You need carefully thought out security policies that are rigidly enforced. You need backups, lots of backups, offsite backups.

As if all the pirates, thieves and organized cyber criminal gangs weren’t bad enough, disk drives crash, power outages occur, fires, floods and storms still happen.

Yet, your data needs to be accessible. More and more you need to access it from home, from your laptop on the road, from your tablet and even your phone. We can advise you on everything you need to make it easy for you and nearly impossible for the bad guys to get your data.

We’ll keep you running.

We offer 24/7/365 system monitoring. If something bad happens, we can usually handle it remotely. Most problems get fixed before our customers know they even happened. Updates can be handled in the background.

Every now and then, it becomes necessary to visit your place of business for a service call. When it happens, we’ll be there.

We’ll keep your systems up around the clock … so they won’t keep you up at night.

We’ll keep you on the cutting edge.

Every day, you read about new things that computers and phone systems can do to make your business run better. VoIP phones. Cloud computing. Managed services. Virtual computers. Are these things really helpful? Are they expensive? Where can I buy it? Who can install it? Dizzying, isn’t it?

At Celeretech, we can help you decide which new trends are worth investing in. If you want it, we can help you scale it to your business, buy it, install it and keep it running.

¬†We won’t blow your budget.

We know you have to live within a budget. We do too. So we’ll work with you on your IT equipment and services. Usually, we can help you calculate payback periods on prospective investments so you can make informed decisions. If your needs exceed your budget, we can help you prioritize. And we’ve got some pretty cool ways to set up a limited system today that can be expanded in the future without having to start over.

Sure, some of our customers have hundreds of employees and offices around the country. But we also work with small companies with just one or two employees. So don’t be afraid to call us. No matter what your size, we’ll make you look bigger than you are.

Keep reading, or just give us a call.

Feel free to browse around our website and check out our services. We change the offerings frequently to keep up with new technologies. So come back often.

Or just give us a call. We’re easy to talk to, and we’d be happy to arrange a visit to your place of business. You’ll find our phone number at the top of this page.